my world.a village

“the end is sometimes just the beginning

in today’s global village migrancy is a crime: countless people are existing with no country or community to call home. this newfangled, 21st century crime is being fed by greed, legal and illegitimate displacement, climate change, poverty-ridden living, famine, civil and interstate conflicts, and yes progress. the perpetrators are world citizens of all ages: babies to grandparents. and the crime scenes are on all continents. it is impossible to be in today’s world and not

my world.a village is a multi-form art project which i am using to:

– chart what i see and how the experiences affect the communities with which i engage as a living/working artist

– wherein i will focus most my future artistic ideas

– ensure i don’t fall morally afoul of the myriad of laws which may be governing migrancy… lest i lose my internal grounding and my existence as a contributing citizen of this temporal world

this art project and my journey therein, begin in the region i’ve called home for the past 45 years: ontario/canada.