sandyBush Creative

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we provide bespoke, holistic creative solutions for a myriad of artistic ventures, different home lifestyles, and varying design needs. our creative solutions are uniquely tailored for individuals, groups, companies, and projects in almost any space as requested.

our classes and workshops are skills-building sessions that prepare individuals to work on their own or perform better in groups.

we operate from our spaces in sandy river (tobago/caribbean) or ontario/canada, to provide contracting services that deliver work steam to fulfill a variety of jobs. and we will work with you online or travel to your home, your project site, your office, or rehearsal studio, to deliver.

services we offer include
artistic, design, holistic living; plus building, renovation, and maintenance solutions for contemporary spaces. and we deliver in your home or office, other in-person meetings, or distance working.

to support projects, jobs, and initiatives within the performing arts we run workshop sessions, give lectures, do one/on/one coaching, assist with proposals, or do general consultation on:
– acting and auditions work
– directing stage productions
– scriptwriting for stage productions
– technical production for all types of storytelling events
– working as a facilitator, coach, or lecturer in the arts

helping you get the most from whatever you have
– making economical and eco-friendly use of your kitchen & bathroom spaces
– creating functional storage spaces with best choices for renovations and upgrading
– maintaining home or work spaces with beauty and safety

home life
supporting healthy, eco-friendly, and affordable living
– learn how to make delicious and economical vegetarian meals
– grow and make your own sprouts, sorbet, body oils etc. at home
– reduce/reuse/recycle: make natural and eco-friendly choices without animal waste

want to try a total raw foods diet?
explore a new approach to eating and preparing meals: clean your body, support any desires and attempts to lose weight, give your whole self a fresh start… we offer advice and hands-on techniques, whether you’re in it for a long haul or just to experiment!

building & renovating
for the spaces in which you live and work, we can support by:
– building a new home from concrete or wood or other materials
– adding to existing buildings or new structures: storage spaces, cabanas, change-rooms etc.
– upgrading rooms and fixtures: bathrooms, cupboards, closets, office spaces, store roomssandybush

maintenance services
to keep it all flowing and growing we provide staff and services for: interior cleaning, interior/exterior painting, landscaping, plumbing, pressure washing, electrical work, property management, tree cutting & more.

in addition, we provide the labour, materials, and tools to manage and maintain any kind of property; protecting your investments from fading beauty, and structural deterioration. our work will also ensure that the amenities on your property are always up to code and up-to-date.

ready to get started?