“the shape will determine the process and the end

i offer workshop sessions that prepare individuals to work on their own or to perform better in groups. expand your creative repertoire by immersing in these techniques:

rhythm & release: my personally generated technique of vocalizing memories to support artists in exploring creation and performance. artists can work in one-on-one and/or group sessions to focus on building specific performance or creation works (writing, design, etc).

on dubTheatre: informational workshops & seminars on the evolution, growth, and quintessential elements of the form.

directing for the stage: tailored coaching and mentoring sessions for students, newbies practitioners, and experienced animators. my immersive series spark and invigorate individual visioning, while making artists more aware of their process. all aspects of directing is explored: from assembling creative & production teams, to opening night, and everything in between!

artistic director mentoring: individual coaching and support on how to vision big and small and continuously! my support help artists program, plan, and execute one-off events, series, and full seasons of performance works.

story creation and presentation: i facilitate general skill-building using dramaturgy or script development sessions, live performance workshops, online or onsite coaching; with a specialized focus on solo creations and one-person shows!